About us

ElectroniTECH (KDS Commerce Inc) has established a place in the greater Montreal and Laval region as a major store for surplus computer electronics, computer wholesalers and computer parts.  Electronitech responds to the needs of families, students, professionals, resellers and businesses in tablet cellular computers or any other electronic or computer components. Make ElectroniTECH your source for your computer, computer parts and electronics in bulk or in detail and start saving big.

An overview of our history

Founded in 2013, Electronitech (KDS Commerce Inc.) is a company specializing in the sale of computers, components and electronic products. For the past five years, we have always sought to offer our customers the best products at the best prices offered in the retail IT market. Our very first store was established in Laval, Quebec, with the primary desire to offer high-quality products at affordable prices to university students, families, businesses, professionals and resellers.

Our growth

Electronitech is now a pioneering force in the industry, thanks to growing demand and an increasingly loyal clientele of students, professionals and families. We attribute our success to a constant improvement in our business practices and to our specialized team of passionate people who always want to exceed the expectations of their customers, while maintaining their confidence and support.